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In need of an engaging and unique approach to Safety Training?

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Our unique  & creative workshops combine a research-based approach with real-world application to help guide you in creating a proactive, sustainable approach to safety management.

Human Factors & Performance

Employees are under pressure to perform, to handle more, to always be “ready to respond”. As a result, fatigue and turnover are rising. Research tells us the up and coming workforce will not stand for an unbalanced work life balance and will be unengaged and simply burnt out. We provide training to look closely at these problems and providing productive answers. 

Frontline Training

The participation of the frontline worker is critical when developing a resilient safety program. Attendees will receive training in the following area to help identify the traps that lead to error: James Reason’s mental models, The decision-making model, Perception, Communication, The Authority heuristic, Work group mental models, and Environmental influences

Human Systems Engineering

By combining engineering and psychology, Human Systems Engineering creates technology that works for humans. In this workshop we provide your company with the tools necessary to discover the appropriate systems needed by applying the methods of experimental psychology and cognitive science.

Human and Organizational Performance Fundamentals (HOP)

During this workshop we provide attendees with a comprehensive deep-dive into Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), as well as teaching the basics of industrial & social psychology.

Operational Learning Teams

During our Operation Learning Teams workshop we provide attendees with the strategies needed to integrate these ideas into existing organizational workflows. Attendees will learn how to identify & challenge beliefs which create barriers to improved performance, in addition to learning how to utilize practical tools to create operational resilience.

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