Why Use United Safety Technologies LLC ?

Why choose United Safety Technologies LLC? Because we bring the science to you. United Safety Technologies LLC is the only company that applies user-centered, and participatory designs in the development of safety systems. Allow us to explain. Safety as a whole needs to change. The old way of doing safety has helped us reach the goals we have obtained thus far, however, we just can’t seem to get to zero. Now we can’t guarantee zero accidents, at least not yet, nevertheless, we can definitely help you in reducing your error and accident rates.

At United Safety Technologies LLC, we have developed a human process which will engage your employees as well as include them in the process. This process has taken several years to develop and requires the correct implementation to meet the needs of our customers. United Safety Technologies LLC applies the concepts and theories of Human Systems Engineering, Social Psychology, Statistics, and Human Performance that supports your efforts in achieving your goals.

Our engineers and safety experts hold advanced degrees and certifications to guarantee your system will be correctly designed and implemented so that you see immediate results.

When you engage United Safety Technologies LLC, the user-centered process begins immediately. We include every element of your organization in the design, from executive level management to the frontline employee. This strategy removes the need to conduct train-the-trainer classes because your people are involved in the design. Not only will your selected employees help design your new process, they will understand the methodology that supports the new design. Once you join the ranks of our customers, you will quickly understand that you have joined a society that realizes the need for change. Therefore, you will receive constant coverage and support from the engineers that designed your system. At your request, we will continue to gather data on a quarterly basis and present the trends to your management staff and team annually.

Our designs are multifaceted, that is, our systems work for safety as well as other processes.  Processes such as supply chain, warehousing, transportation, delivery, product manufacturing and much more. Our designs are founded on the talent of your people. Your people are the single most important commodity of your organization, they know all the strengths and weakness of your organization we gather that information and build a state of the art process, a process that encourages engagement and participation.

A Reflection From the Founder

Currently, most processes and procedures are retributive or don’t make sense to employees. So complying with those processes become very difficult to follow. People have to work according to those processes, and if the process does not make sense to the employees then you have very little chance they will follow the process. We see this while driving on the freeways, people commonly travel 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit. Until they see the police officer on the freeway then they slow down. What happens when the police officer is gone? You guessed it! they speed up. Now think back. Look at your organization. Do you think people behave differently at work then they do while they are driving? If you said yes, then you sadly mistaken.

People are naturally efficient. Or people will find a way to utilize less energy when executing a task. This is natural, this efficiency is coded in our DNA, this is how it is with all biological beings, to expend less energy while performing tasks. Your procedures will not curb this effect. People will simply “do it their way” when you’re not looking. Ever notice most accidents happen when the supervisor is not around. So the idea of surveillance, or site inspections will never work. Scott Gellar, author of The Handbook of Psychological Safety said people love to do meaningful work. People love to do work they believe in. Now stop and think of people while they are active with their hobbies. People develop an entire process to perform their hobbies. These processes become their personal policy. That is, their policies come to mind first and foremost while at play with their hobby. Your people are the executioners of your policy. Your people know your business better than you. Don’t you think it’s a little wise to include them in your design?

If you agree with this statement, then call us, we can help.


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