HEAT™ Training

HEAT™ Training for Managers and Developers

Teaches your employees how to recognize error traps and how to mitigate them. Students learn how errors drift into processes and procedures while in the design stage. Managers will learn about constructs that lead their employees to error as well as how their environment will influence their behavior. The student receives in-depth training on The Decision-Making Process, Skill Acquisition, and how humans organize data and act on that data.  This training is offered online and in person.

HEAT Training™ for the Frontline Employee :

HEAT Training™ for the Frontline Employee teaches students how their biases, environment, emotions, and beliefs can lead them to error. Students get up-to-date training on how:

  • Communicate clearly their intentions
  • How to mitigate errors and error traps
  • How to read their work environment
  • Design systems using “Error Lock”™
  • Group and Crew Behavior

This training is offered online and in-person. Because a human’s environment and social structure are such a large influence on human behavior, this training is more effective when customized for the client. Therefore, the client should seek a detailed consultation from one of our engineers to determine the best training for your workforce.

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